A small hint


Here’s a small hint about the direction my plans for November are taking. A change of continent and mode of transport since my initial thoughts but one the excites me much more.

5 comments on “A small hint

  1. Have you watched long way down and long way round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman? Those two series made me really want to go on a motorbike trip! I look forward to reading more Andrew

    • Hey Alex. Oh yes, I have read both books and have copies of both series on DVD. I have also read some other motorbike touring books (including my favourite, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”).

      In 2009-10 I went on a 2 month motorcycle tour of the southern states of Australia so after I went to Kenya, it was obvious to me what form of transport I should use for Africa. I still want to do some cycle touring but for me, every place has something that comes naturally and in Africa I think it is motorcycle touring 🙂

  2. I traveled the perimeter of Mexico on the back of a motorcycle many years ago. It was the trip of my life. It’s a great way to travel.

    • Ooh that sounds fantastic. I rode a 250cc motorcycle around the south-eastern Australian states for two months in the summer 2009-10. It was a wonderful experience. And you’re never lonely on a motorbike – people always want to talk with you about the bike – haha. Did you find the same on your trip?

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