Packed for Kenya

Packed for Kenya by AndrewGills
Packed for Kenya, a photo by AndrewGills on Flickr.

Tomorrow I leave for Kenya. It will be my first trip to Africa. I’ve had my injections, picked up my travel medications, and copied my passport and yellow fever vaccination certificate. My bag is packed and I think I’m ready to go. Just one more day in the office to get through. Oh and apparently I have to fit 14 pairs of children’s shoes in my bag too that one of the other volunteers at Nakuru Hope has collected for my dad and I to bring to Kenya. Good thing I travel light.

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10 comments on “Packed for Kenya

  1. HOW EXCITING! Have an awesome time 🙂 I’m so excited to hear about your trip–what a dream, and what an AWESOME dad you have!

  2. You must be so excited! Looking forward to reading about your trip.

  3. It’s happening! One more sleep.

    • Woot woo!!! Can’t wait. Lunch at your place tomorrow then off to the airport. It’ll be very cool. And I am traveling with a fellow airport people watching lover (Dad) so no doubt we’ll have a good flight too.

  4. So exciting, have a wonderful trip! 🙂

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