Two weeks until Kenya

School children

It’s only two weeks tomorrow until I go to Kenya. It still seems really surreal and I can’t quite believe I’m actually going to Africa. It’s going to be an amazing experience. I expect some things about the trip will be challenging, such as seeing real poverty. But I’m a glass is half full kinda guy so I am excited to see the work that’s happening at the Nakuru Hope project where the school has been built and the land for growing food has been bought.

Some readers might remember that I cycled 100km every day for 31 days while still going to my full-time day job and part-time university classes. You can read about each day of that challenge through my Cycling for Hope page here on my blog. Well, the $2,000 that was donated through that cycling challenge has been put to good use as part of the money that was used to buy the land.

I’ll have internet access while in Kenya so of course I’ll share my experiences with you all. But for now, I’ve just realised it’s only two weeks tomorrow until I leave so I’m excited.

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4 comments on “Two weeks until Kenya

  1. What about the spiders the size of dinner plates and the ticks in the long grass!
    Be carful young man. Although it is a very honourable thing you are doing, i want you to be safe.

    • Spiders the size of dinner plates? Have you looked in my bathroom window? We have them at home. And ticks in long grass? I get ticks almost every time I head out in the bush here. If that’s the worst I experience in Kenya then it’s safer than home … I mean, we have drop bears here too. And bunyips.

      Kenya will be amazing. I’m not someone who finds the world a frightening place. Sure, I’m not in a hurry to holiday in Afghanistan or take a sailing trip along the Somalian coast. But I reckon (with a few exceptions) people are people all over the world – we’re all just trying to get by.

      • I was in Nairobi (mums birthplace) in the 80s. I just remember being traumatized and being amazed by the animals and people.

        I still have flashbacks of waking up to see a spider the size of a JCB on my pillow (I’m not exaggerating) . As well as getting repeatedly told off for bringing snakes, dogs, and for cute animals to the house.

        In England. nature is less frightening due to insects not growing to mutant sizes.

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