Easy run/walk

Never just a tree by andrewgillsag
Never just a tree, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

I’ve put on a little weight around my middle since I stopped running last year. The cycling just doesn’t seem to help shift it. So I am hoping to do a little bit of easy running 2-3 times a week because I know from experience that even a couple of slow 5km jogs will help keep my trousers fitting nicely.

I have no running goals. No races I want to complete or PBs I want to achieve. So, as well as doing it to save me needing to buy new trousers, I want to use this time to reconnect with running and build a nice little base without any pressure.

Today I started by alternating 500m walking with 500m running. Over time I might increase the distance run but for now, I’m happy with this ratio. Given that my history of running-related injuries has been caused by doing too much too soon, it’s probably good to take it easy.

4 comments on “Easy run/walk

  1. I loved seeing the title of your post. You’re running again! I am slower than dirt right now myself, but that’s okay. No hurry.

  2. Good luck, take it easy!!!! We did a nice 23 mile bike ride today in TX where the weather is actually nice!

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