Changes to blog themes

Sorry to regular readers for the three layout changes since late December. I’m trying to find one that suits the way I post and the widgets I used. The last one didn’t allow me to use the milestone widget and the one before made the text area a bit narrow. Hopefully this one lasts a bit longer 🙂

3 comments on “Changes to blog themes

  1. No worries. I love playing around with different themes.

  2. Keep experimenting – it’s a good way to improve things.

    One frustration with Wordpres.com is you only have limited themes to play with which makes it difficult to get the desired look and feel.

    One suggestion: Have you thought of using the tag so that you only see an excerpt (and teaser photo) on the main page? Readers then click thru to see the entire article. It lets you show more articles at once on the main page, and reduces load time.

    • Hey Neil,
      I have considered using that style of blog layout but I personally don’t like reading blogs with that style so have stayed away from it so far. I have set up the extra pages in the tab above my main page to sort my posts into topics to try to achieve a similar effect.

      I think I’m still a bit old fashioned – I read blogs like books not like magazines. So I tend to subscribe to blogs and read posts in order.

      But yes, I’m sure reducing load time would be good, especially in a pic-heavy blog like mine. Perhaps I’ll try that style next time 🙂

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