Wet & Woolly 200km Audax ride

Wet & Woolly ride map

Wet & Woolly ride map

It’s still dark at 4am when I get on my bike. It’s 38km to the start of the Wet & Woolly Audax ride. I don’t have a car and the trains aren’t running yet. But I don’t mind. I’m content on my bike. My pedals are spinning and the world is quiet. It’s perfect. As I ride, the birds start to sing and the world starts to wake up. As night becomes day, the birds start singing, cars start passing me along the roads and the sun rises quickly into the sky. By the time I arrive at the start of the Wet & Woolly ride it’s bright daylight.

Through the cane fields

Through the cane fields

There’s a good turn out for the day. We have two riders doing the 100km, about eight doing the 150km and three of us doing the 200km. We all set off together but when one of the 150km riders gets a flat, we 200km riders continue because our course separated from theirs. Before long, Brian and I are riding alone out front. Peter is cruising along a little way behind us. We will see him arriving at checkpoints as we leave; he seems to be enjoying the scenery. And what delightful scenery it is. We start by riding through the cane fields where the wide open expanse is blocked only by distant mountains.

A pretty church

A pretty church

After checkpoint 1 we leave the cane fields and ride out through the semi-rural areas that make up the Greater Brisbane Area’s southern outskirts. We ride past a pretty church that sits in a small area of green space between the old and new South-East Freeways. We roll down hills passing small herds of cattle grazing on hobby farms. And we work up small hills as we pass big old vegetable farms.

Perfect on a hot day

Perfect on a hot day

At the 130km mark we stop at checkpoint 2 where I enjoy an Icy Pole and my packed lunch.

I love looking up at the sky

I love looking up at the sky

From checkpoint 2 we cruised out along the waterfront to Cleveland Point and Wellington Point before heading further north to the Manly and Wynnum foreshores. The sun was shining and the water bright blue. I couldn’t help but feel happy to be out on the bike. And then, before I knew it, we were riding the final 23km through suburban streets with their cars, traffic lights and short sharp climbs.

I made a short video of my ride to share with you.

Total: 38km ride to the start of Wet & Woolly + 200km Audax ride.

10 comments on “Wet & Woolly 200km Audax ride

  1. Sounds like a great trip, Andrew.

  2. jealous of the weather! 🙂 Went out today in freezing mist 😦

    Nice ride 😀

    • If it’s any consolation, I suffered a bit of heat stroke on Saturday night after the ride. You know the pounding headache and nausea …

      I reckon everyone who lives in places with cold winters is hardcore tough 🙂

      • We have cold winters but not as cold as some…I would hate to be a cyclist in Russia or Canada! 🙂

  3. Beautiful scenery, not what I think of when I think of Australia.

    • I don’t mean to imply that Australia isn’t beautiful. Most images that I come across are of rugged landscapes and large beautiful beaches. All beautiful but in different ways.

      • Don’t worry 🙂 I realise what you mean. Yes, Australia is generally thought of as rugged. In reality, the country is so large that there’s a huge variation in what you will see here. I live in Australia’s 3rd largest city so it’s quite urban here. It’s also in the sub tropics, so not as rugged as the Outback or other wilder coastal areas. The large sand islands off the coast here mean we don’t have surf beaches on the mainland around Brisbane. They start further south from the Gold Coast (60 miles south of Brisbane).

        I’m currently writing a post about a hike I did on Sunday and it will probably seem more rugged than the pics in my ride 🙂

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