Wellington Point MBC loop

Across the isthmus by andrewgillsag
Across the isthmus, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

As a reward for spending two full days cleaning the house, I have now got 14 days of guilt free cycling time ahead of me. So to kick start my holidays proper, I rode out to Wellington and Cleveland Points.

The tide was out so the isthmus to King Island at Wellington Point was totally exposed. Fisherman wandered across to the island, carrying supplies to sit out to the next change in tide, and people let their dogs run on the sand.

Total: 58.7km road cycle

5 comments on “Wellington Point MBC loop

  1. Such a deal. And SO beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. It is 5F here, wind chill -14F. You really never have snow?

    • No. Where I live the summer daytime temps are in the high 20s to mid 30s (though we’ve had high 30s this past week). Winter daytime temps are usually in the mid 20s with minimum temps around 5-10 degrees (but only for a couple of hours early in the morning). That’s Celsius of course. It does snow in Australia. We have an alpine skiing area (the Snowy Mountains) and Tasmania gets cold too (even in summer). But most Australians travel TO the snow, it doesn’t come to us (very few people live in the Snowies).

      • Wow. :-). Sounds almost perfect! :-). Except for the fires. Those aren’t near you are they?

        • No. We generally don’t get bushfires here in Brisbane due to the high urban density and summer storms. Summers here are fairly humid so we get storms at the end of many days (one has been building the past couple days). Sydney and Melbourne get more fires because they have a dry hot summer.

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