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Single speed bike build (undercoating frame)

After spending two full days cleaning my house (not because it was a mess but because I did a full ’empty all the cupboards’ kind of clean), I finally have time to start doing the things I want to do on my holidays. And first on my list was to work on my single speed bike build project.

I was given the frame and forks in late April. While I got to work right away stripping the old paint off the frame (see this post for before pics), the build stopped there because I didn’t have the confidence to take the next step. I took the frame to work to take it to my LBS to remove the seized bottom bracket but I never quite got it there (partly because I had no idea how to remove the forks).

Over the past couple of weeks, I removed the headset and got the LBS to remove the bottom bracket. I also bought paint and watched lots of YouTube videos to learn how to build the rest of the bike .

This afternoon, as a reward for cleaning the house, I used a chemical rust remover and sandpaper to clean the worst of the rust off the frame and forks, hung the frame and forks in our mango tree, and applied a coat of white primer. Later tonight I will apply a second primer coat and then I’ll leave it for about 24 hours. I’ve read that it’s best to apply 4 coats of primer over 2 days to get the best finish. So I might apply two more coats tomorrow before applying the paint on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then the lacquer on Boxing Day.

The paint job will probably be a 40 foot job … but it’s my first time so I can only improve 😉

Total: 5km walk with my sister’s dog

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