Secret Santa Audax ride

Secret Santa Audax route

Secret Santa Audax route

Last Audax season, I didn’t do any 50km rides. But this season I’m getting more serious about my riding, and that means enjoying the short rides as a chance to get out and enjoy riding with a great bunch of people.

My partner dropped me near the start of the Secret Santa ride, so I only had to cycle 11km before the ride. I was going to ride the whole 27km to the ride but needed to buy new tyres and tubes, which is difficult to do on flat tyres. Not to mention the luxury of a lift on a hot day.

The Secret Santa ride itself was pretty chilled. We rode along quiet outer suburban streets and the bay down at Wynnum and Manly. There were five bikes on the ride (including one rider who was towing his son on one of those tow bikes). We started together but at about 15km, one rider and I found ourselves rolling away from the group so we rode together. It was super hot out on the ride and I went through four biddons of water in the two hour ride (we stopped half way to refill the costumes). I was feeling strong and wanted to make the most of it, so we just cruised through without stopping for ice cream.

After the ride, we all hung out. The ride organiser put on a fantastic lunch of ham, salads, baked potatoes, salad and BBQ pineapple (highly recommended). The ride organiser played Santa and we all received presents: I got two boxes of Powerade powder sachets, which is awesome because I use them all the time.

After the party I hopped back on my bike and rode home. The heat had lifted and, instead, lightning cracked across the sky. The light show was spectacular and a fitting end to a festive afternoon.

Total: 95.1km road ride including 50km Audax ride

4 comments on “Secret Santa Audax ride

  1. All this talk of long, hot days … ah, I dream!

    • Haha. The days aren’t that long by comparison to your UK summers. The sun is set by 6:30pm. But it sure is hot and humid. Some days are almost too hot to contemplate going out riding but I still like to.

      I guess the hot days are to you what snow is to me. I find the idea of snow so exotic and exciting. I know the reality is probably not so exciting but it looks like fun 🙂

      • Yeah, I realised ‘long’ was a relative term, though we are only getting about 8.30 – 3.30 at the moment!

        Ha ha, your snow and our hot sun – as rare as each other?! I am not sure I have ever known a day ‘too hot to ride’ in this country 😀

        I am not like some people, I love all snow (I don’t care if it’s mildly inconvenient), plus I also get excited being out in high winds 🙂

  2. […] continued my 2013-14 Audax season by completing the 50km Secret Santa and 200km UrBAYn Assault. The winter miles paid off and I completed the 200km ride quickly in […]

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