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Malvern Star Sportstar (1980s?)

I picked this old bike up at the local Trash N Treasure this morning for $10. It’s an old Malvern Star Sportstar. I think it’s late 1970s or early 1980s based on the positioning of the shifters and the bulldog brakes.

I want to bring this old bike back to life because I think it could be quite retro cool. The biggest problem that I see is that the old Malvern Stars have a proprietary bottom bracket that can’t simply be replaced. But it can be serviced and this one is still spinning. So hopefully, once I work out how to open it, I can clean and repack it.

My plan is to keep this rebuild as simple as possible:

  • service the bottom bracket
  • sand the surface rust and give the frame a clear protective coat of lacquer
  •  replace the shifters with a brand new set of bar end friction shifts I got for $25 from a Facebook bike selling group
  •  replace the brake pads
  • run new cabling
  • put on some new handlebar tape
  • replace the horrible saddle
  • replace the tyres (these have slashes in them).

By then I’ll know whether the derailleurs work and what I want to do about them. If they do work, I can get a Sunrace 5sp cassette for $15 online – I’m not sure whether it will fit but it’s not much to spend to try. Otherwise, I’ll replace the rear wheel with something that will take an 8 speed cassette and get a new derailleur (or use the one off my MTB if the cracked frame isn’t replaced).

Fun times ahead. I’m sure it will also have frustrating moments. But I have a little cash available to me (I was saving for Tasmania but am no longer going) and I love the idea of having a vintage bike to go with my 1997 Trek OCLV 5200.

Today’s riding: 13.5km commute + ride home

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