Update on Tasmanian Trail trip

With just over a week until I was meant to be traveling to Tasmania to cycle the Tasmanian Trail, I still haven’t heard back about the fate of my mountain bike frame.

Rather than try to salvage a trip, I have decided to just forfeit the $100 and frequent flyer points I used to pay for the return airfares to spend Christmas at home. I have since learned that my partner has 5 days off between Christmas Eve and New Year (instead of the 2 days that we exptected her to have off), so it will be nice to spend time together for the holidays. She’s a bus driver and has to work Christmas Day but we have Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, 27 December, and 2-3 January off together, so I’m not too upset about missing my trip to Tasmania.

Instead of Tasmania, I have signed up for a three Audax events, the Rapha Festive 500 Strava challenge and have organised a 250km road riding adventure with a mate.

By coming back to work a week early after the holidays I also have five extra days off work to play with during the year. I am hoping to use three of them in April so that I can make the most of the Easter and ANZAC Day long weekends falling back-to-back. There’s a Gran Tourismo Audax event on that week (that’s where you ride a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km Audax ride within nine days) so hopefully I’ll be able to use the money I have saved for Tasmania to enter it.

I’m content with the way things are working out. While I would have loved to go to Tasmania to ride the Tasmanian Trail, I am also happy to stay home and keep focusing on the 2013-14 Audax season. I have some Audax awards I would like to achieve and staying home will allow me to keep chipping away at them.

Today was a rest day because I have volunteer commitments as a Justice of the Peace at my local shopping centre tonight. I did some body weight strength and stretching this morning. Back on the bike tomorrow before a few longer kilometres at the weekend.

4 comments on “Update on Tasmanian Trail trip

  1. Well done – it really sounds like you managed to turn a negative into a positive. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll hear some good news about your bike soon 🙂

    I saw the Rapha Festive 500 challenge on Stava, and was tempted to sign up, but then realised that it’s a hopelessly unrealistic goal for me… I’d be happy with 50k at the moment!

    • Hey Tamsyn 🙂 . If news about bike is bad, I’m going to salvage the components, buy a cheap 2nd hand chromoly frame and build an Audax road bike. I have some friction bar end shifters and caliper brakes so will only need bottom bracket and wheels. I’ll give my sister the hydraulic disc brakes for her MTB and try to sell her cable set.

      • Sounds like a great solution.

        • I’ve even bought a frame this morning – An old Malvern Star Speed Star. It’s circa 1980s – probably early 1980s because it still has the double brake on it (you know the one that looks like a contemporary road bike brake and the old horizontal level connected to it that ran parallel to the handlebars). Hoping to turn it into something fun this Christmas

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