With disappointment comes opportunity

On the Great North Walk by andrewgillsag
On the Great North Walk, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

It is unlikely that the damage to my mountain bike frame will be accepted as a warranty replacement. And it’s also unlikely that the matter will be resolved before I board a plane for Tasmania on Christmas Day.

But with disappointment comes opportunity. So I am now mentally preparing to walk as much of the 480km Tasmanian Trail as I can in a 15 day window. Sure, it’s not a wilderness walk but I am drawn by the squiggly line that bisects the Apple Isle. And there’s a certain simplicity that comes with putting one foot in front of the other. Not to mention the satisfaction of walking what most people consider a challenging ride.

Unlike the Great North Walk, I will do this trip with a lightweight 30+4L pack taking advantage of shops along the way so I only have to carry 2-3 days food at a time.

Yes, there are “better” walks that can be completed in Tasmania. But none of them are calling me like the Tasmanian Trail is. And yes, I have been offered the loan of some mountain bikes. But something tells me that I might be meant to travel this road on foot. My own little end-of-year pilgrimage.

5 comments on “With disappointment comes opportunity

  1. Wow! How come you are not screaming? Can’t believe it’s not a warranty automatic replacement. You really are setting a great example of going with the flow and accepting the cards as they fall.
    Still 15 days walking Tasmania isn’t the worst outcome.

    • Oh trust me Scott, I was screaming. I can kinda see their point that it looks like the chain coming off caused the damage but time will tell. It is taking all my self-control not to curl up in a heap and cry. But then I put it into perspective:
      1. The children the Nakuru Hope Project help won’t eat from midday Friday until midday Monday. That’s their reality every week of every month of every year.
      2. I have some really good friends who offered me their bikes for my trip but I’m not really keen to borrow a bike because I would be worried about damaging it.
      3. I am so lucky to be going to Tasmania for 3 weeks that I can either focus on the negatives or accept the challenge to try to walk the whole 480km within 15-16 days.
      4. All hope is not yet lost – I might still get a warranty replacement or maybe Merida’s crash warranty (discounted replacement frame) will mean I get a super cheap frame.
      5. I am trying to draw a line in the sand to stop spending so much money. This might just be the kick I need. With only one bike to maintain and ride I will have more space in my garage, need fewer tools for maintenance and won’t be able to spend money on adventure racing.
      6. If the bike is now dead, see 1-3 above.

    • Oh and I am still contemplating taking my road bike down to Tassie and doing some riding on that. I’m just not sure where I want to ride it. I was really focused on the TT

  2. You need to do the things that call. It is those that provide the greatest satisfaction to the individual. It is the adventure not the place that is most important.

    • Yeah that’s true. Since writing my post, I have actually taken some time to consider whether or not I will still go to Tasmania. I booked the trip before I was invited to Kenya. If I go, I will be away from home for 7 out of 10 weeks. That’s just 3 weeks with my partner in the 10 weeks from Christmas. That’s a lot of time apart. So I am seriously considering staying home and spending the holidays with her, our son, his wife and our grandchildren. I have also learned that this will be the first time in years that my partner doesn’t have to work on Christmas Day – so it seems like mixed up priorities to disappear off adventuring at a time when she’ll actually be home.

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