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Cracked frame

The two words no cyclist wants to hear: cracked frame.

I bought some tools today so that I could strip the components off my bike and give it a full service before my trip to Tasmania. I am due to leave on Christmas Day, which is exactly three weeks today.

Imagine my horror when I pulled off the crank to discover this massive hole in the frame right behind where the middle chain ring sits. I wonder how long the crack has been there. Is it why my frame is flexing so much when I ride through bomb holes and down dips? Is it what’s making the awful grinding metal sound when I climb hills?

What would have happened on my Tasmanian Trail tour if I hadn’t found the hole? Would the frame have snapped while I was in the middle of nowhere?

I’m taking the bike back to the shop tomorrow. I only bought it in April this year and haven’t had any crashes or spills that could explain the crack. It almost has to be seam burst. Hopefully Merida and the shop will treat this as a warranty issue because I’ve never had a frame crack before and this is the only bike I’ve ever looked after properly since buying it new.

I’ll know more tomorrow but I hope it’s good news. What a way to count down to my Tasmania trip.


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