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Enjoying the long days

The days are long here in Brisbane right now. Well, long by our standards. The sun is up at 4:30am and doesn’t go to bed until about 6:30pm, with dusk extending to about 6:45pm. It’s glorious to be able to commute both ways to work with the sun shining down on the world.

I’ve been a little unwell the past couple of weeks and have just started to come good the past couple of days. I have been experiencing false / relative polycythemia (sticky or sludgy blood syndrome) as a side effect of the testosterone that I take for my gender transition. It made me feel totally fatigued; to the extent that I even withdrew from a 100km Audax ride I was going to do last Saturday. I had a bag of blood removed (phlebotomy) on Thursday and I started to come good on Sunday night. I’m seeing my doctor again tomorrow to get another bag of blood removed to help get my relative haemoglobin levels down.

It is good to be awake again after feeling like the walking dead for the past couple of weeks. Oddly, I’ve felt good on the bike; it’s been off the bike that I’ve felt terrible. But I have been taking it easy in the heat due to the increased risk of stroke that comes with the sticky blood. I’m even excited about the 200km Audax ride I’m doing on Sunday.

Total for today: 5km walk with my partner and 26.1km cycle commute

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