Riding after the rain

Riding after the rain by andrewgillsag
Riding after the rain, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

It bucketed down this morning. We’re not talking nice pretty grey skies with drizzle. No. We had heavy icy cold rain that made going outdoors an ugly thought. So, after taking my motorbike out to check out new road bikes at some local bike shops, I had a snooze on the couch until the rain stopped. Sure, I could have taken a spoonful of HTFU but it’s not often that I laze around for half a day.

Once the rain stopped I set off into the bush. My sister and I had to hang the last of the checkpoints for tomorrow’s adventure racing training day, which we are putting on. So we met up on the trails to ride around and finish the job. It took about four hours but we got it all done. Just hanging the checkpoints has taken about 10 hours in total. That’s on top of the time taken to find a route, mark checkpoints on draft maps and create the actual maps we’re handing out tomorrow. But it’s all done now.

I took this video on my way home as I rode though some deep water in the grass paddock:

Total: 28km MTB

2 comments on “Riding after the rain

  1. Is that a BBD Chaff Bag on the RHS of your bars?
    I hope you gave your trusty MTB a good clean-off afterwards!
    I had a laze around yesterday too – it’s a nice (unusual) way to spend a Saurday – provided you don’t do it too often, isn’t it?

    • Yes. That’s a BBD chaff bag. Kedan made it for my birthday as a present when I bought my bikepacking kit. I totally love it. I use it to carry my phone when I’m riding my MTB so I can easily grab it to take photos.

      The MTB got a wash and the chain got a lube but I think I’ve got muddy water in the bottom bracket because it’s making a horrible noise. Might buy myself a BB tool, crank puller and new BB (it’s just an entry level octalink one so cheap enough to replace). Probably also need a new set of brake pads too, and already have new chain and cassette at home so bike will be like new for Tasmania trip

      Can’t see either of us lazing around on Saturday too often. I’ve seen your blog 🙂

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