A quiet week

"Rock" climbing by andrewgillsag
“Rock” climbing, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

While I had hoped to log some bigger mileage on my bike this week, circumstances have led to it being a quiet one. But it’s been enjoyable all the same.

Yesterday I rode my mountain bike to and from work. At just 12-13km each way, it’s easy to just chill and enjoy the enjoy the fresh air. With the mountain bike, I can ride along the grassy verges, take short cuts across vacant lots and slip through some short sections of single track.

Both yesterday and today I went walking with my partner. Each day we walked 5km. She’s trying to get fit again after falling off the walking bandwagon over winter. So I’ve committed to joining her three days a week for her walks. It’s something I really enjoy doing.

Tomorrow I have to fly to Canberra until Friday night, so no cycling for the next two days. But hopefully I’ll have a chance to go walking in Our Nation’s Capital.

3 comments on “A quiet week

  1. What a great idea. I am trying to get my honey back in a workout routine with me, it works for a while then he gets busy and makes other choices. :-/

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