Commuting my childhood streets

After a full day of lazing on the couch and watching television yesterday, I wanted to go for a longer ride this morning. However, I discovered a fruit bat was caught in the bird netting around our peach tree. Fortunately, the RSPCA didn’t take long to arrive and I was able to add a couple of extra kilometres onto my morning commute.

I rode the streets where I learned to ride and past the houses of the kids I used to know. There were Brett and Daniel, Nick and Sarah, Chris and his brothers, Thomas, and Joanne. Down the road I cruised past Jono’s place and then past Abby’s as I made my way along the route I used to ride to buy bread for my family’s breakfast. I have long since lost touch with all of them, though I do believe Jono is now the coach or manager of the Vanderkitten women’s cycling team in the US.

Total: 16.2km commute + tonight’s commute home

3 comments on “Commuting my childhood streets

  1. I wish for once I could do this, cycle the childhood streets….if I hadn’t move to a different province from where I was born (in Canada).

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