I saw a koala while out riding

A koala in a gum tree by andrewgillsag
A koala in a gum tree, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

I was out meandering along the Moreton Bay Cycleway through Cleveland this morning when I saw two walkers staring up into the trees. This could only mean one thing: it’s the official “I think there’s a koala” pose. More often than not, this is followed by the disappointing “oh no, it’s just a funny lump” pose. But not today. There actually was a koala in a gum tree right next to the shared pathway.

And even better than that, the koala was on the move. It came right down to the path, wandered along, checked out some trees and then climbed up another to eat some leaves.

A rather special event, even for us Aussies who live in the only country where these strange marsupials live in the wild.

My ride was also a good one 😉

Today's ride map

Today’s ride map

Today's elevation map

Today’s elevation map

Total: 53.6km (Strava here)

7 comments on “I saw a koala while out riding

  1. Very cool. In all my time in the bush running and cycling I have seen a Koala once and Echidna twice. I have had my face licked by dingos in the middle of the night when sleeping in the Simpson desert. It is so cool to meet the wild life and know they can still be found. These are such rare events.

    • We have some echidnas that live in our estate, so I see them fairly regularly. But before we lived here I had only ever seen one when I was on holidays in Tassie in 2010. That is so cool about the dingos … Was it scary? Or did you not taste nice enough for them to take a bite 😉

      • I don’t remember it being scary, I was more fascinated and I don’t think I tasted very good at all. The desert is an amazing place.

  2. That is awesome. I wish I would have had a gopro for my coyote encounter last weekend! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the video!

    • I wish I had a gopro too 😉 I reckon a coyote would be really cool to see. We don’t have them here. The closest I’ve ever seen is Wiley Coyote 😉 . I used my mobile phone camera to take this video.

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