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West Mt Cotton Rd follies

I read somewhere that the best training for a 1,200km Audax ride is comprised of three components:

  1. Ride hills, hills and more hills
  2. Ride into headwinds and then find some more headwinds to ride into
  3. Ride in the rain and when it rains go riding.

Well, it wasn’t raining this morning but I did go out to find some hills and I did turn around and ride back into the headwind instead of taking the easy way home.

West Mount Cotton Rd follies

West Mount Cotton Rd follies

Sure, 652m climbing in a 48km ride isn’t what anyone would call epic mountain climbing but I did ride up and over the biggest ‘mountain’ in my local area and then turned around and rode back over it. And there were some good 10%-20% grades in there too.

My climbing is definitely improving and, even after just three hill sessions since deciding to ride my first 1,000km or 1,200km Audax ride next year, I can feel the benefits.

Total: 48.2km road ride (Strava here)

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