Lazy Sunday ride

It was stinking hot today. A dry 33’C (91’F). I wanted to get out but didn’t feel like going hard. Fortunately, my sister wanted to take her two oldest boys (7 and 8 years old) riding. So, after a 15km cruise on my own, I joined my sister and nephews for an hour. The boys had a great time and their MTB skills are coming along well. The oldest is far more confident popping his bike over logs than his uncle 😉 . A short ride home rounded out my lazy Sunday ride.

Total: 26.9km MTB


5 comments on “Lazy Sunday ride

  1. Oh man.. look at all the dust and sun shine – you must hate it!

  2. Lazy ride? That looks tough to me. I don’t handle single track well, but what a LOVELY view! 🙂 Smart to go . . .

    • Single track isn’t as difficult if you just go slowly. My sister and I aren’t great on the single track. We stop and walk up many hills and push our bikes over many logs. Though the key is to have a reliable mountain bike – it’s quite challenging on a hybrid. I guess it was lazy because my nephews were with me for about 10km. They are only 7 and 8 years old, so their fast is pretty slow 😉

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