Finding some hills

Why I ride by andrewgillsag
Why I ride, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

After a lovely sleep in and rest day yesterday, I was fanging for a ride today. I was so keen that I pretty much leaped out of bed at 4:30am and was on my bike before 5am rolling down the road.

My plan was to head out along the bay to Wellington Point and back. That would have been a nice flat route. But, as I rode towards the turn off to the bay, I saw Mt Cotton beckoning in front of me. A quick decision was made. Instead of the flat bayside roads, I would ride the only hilly route in my area: West Mount Cotton Road.

I had a solid climb up the mountain. It’s a 1.2km stretch of road with an average 7.2% grade. I managed a 13.3kph average speed up the climb, which I am quite pleased about. I rolled down the other side and over another climb until I reached The Wall.

I’ve never made it up The Wall before; walking on each attempt. The Wall is a short sharp 150m climb with a 20.9% average grade. I am proud to say that today I got up it. It was a slow 9kph effort but at least that’s faster than walking and I made it.

From there I rolled down to Mount Cotton Road and took a circuitous route home, seeking out as many hills as I could. The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing and life was good.

Total: 44.5km road ride – Strava details

3 comments on “Finding some hills

  1. I sense Strava hill climb rankings influencing your mind.

    • LOL. No, not at all. I am so far down the rankings that I don’t look at them for climbs (I am dead last on one of the climbs). I am more influenced by my decision to enter the 1200km Perth-Albany-Perth Audax ride in October 2014. I have been reading as much as I can about 1200km ride training and the key advice seems to be:
      (1) Ride as many hills as possible to get strong legs
      (2) Ride in the rain as often as possible to harden up
      (3) Ride into headwinds as often as possible to get strong legs
      (4) Ride on the bike you are going to use for the 1200 with all the same gear on it (i.e. spare clothes, food, lights etc)
      (5) Repeat number (1) as often as possible.

      That’s not to say I am not being influenced by my new found participation in Strava. I have identified some segments that I want to ride fast:
      (1) ❤ Valley Way Sprint (I am currently 19th)
      (2) Cabrook Road Power Climb (I am currently 143rd/187)

      But my real reason for using Strava is to see what other Audaxians are riding. This will help me relax when they ride faster and easier than me on rides (because they will have done more mileage) and also give me increased confidence to tackle longer and hillier rides myself (as I see myself clocking up more mileage).

      I do like the PR function on Strava though … It will be nice to see my climbing improve over the next 12 months as I prepare for Perth-Albany-Perth. 🙂 Are you on Strava?

      • Excellent, I love a simple training plan. None of this prescribed mileage stuff just toughen up as much as you can in training. Yes I am on Strava and usually turn it on but haven’t followed it for a while. I like endomondo which my wife jokes is an exerciser’s Facebook.
        Strava doesn’t have a kayak option so my paddles have been under run, ride or kite surfing. I don’t know how to turn off the auto pause either.

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