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A morning road ride

While out riding by andrewgillsag
While out riding, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

The sun is shining and I have a day off work with my partner. So, after a short sleep in, I sneak out for a leisurely ride while my partner enjoyed a longer sleep in.

I had to adjust my saddle to compensate for the longer stem so now I’m sitting straighter over my pedals. It made me feel more powerful on the bike as I powered up hills (by my standards) and cruised along the flats.

I rode past the vineyard and out to the end of Mt Cotton Road all the way to Alex Hills. I thought about continuing to Wellington Point but had promised I’d be home by 8:00am so turned right and headed for home. I cruised through Ormiston and down to the Raby Bay Marina before I followed the bikeways of the Moreton Bay Cycleway almost to Victoria Point. Just a short ride later I was back home, passing grazing cattle and wallabies along the way.

My calf and Achilles are still tender to touch so I spent some time icing it and stretching. I am a little worried because it isn’t settling but I’m not willing to stop riding: I value my sanity.

Total: 44.1km – You can see it on Strava here

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