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Someone wants to ride with me

My road bike felt oddly light and small compared with my 29er. I have hardly ridden it since August when I completed Cycling for Hope due to the headset being shot and me being too disorganised to get a new one fitted.

But today the bike needed to go to the shop so I cycled to Mum’s place to borrow her ute. Not having a car means I have to borrow the ute to take the bike to the shop (it needs to stay there overnight and 25km is too far to walk home).

I enjoyed the ride. It was an easy spin along quiet roads under a bright strong sun. Hopefully, next time I ride I will have steering again (my headset has been over-tightened just to keep the bike on the road).

Check out the visitor who sat on my bike while I had yarn with Mum.

Total: 16.3km road cycle


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