The 15 Tasks of Brisbane Trail Runners

Cowabunga dude by andrewgillsag
Cowabunga dude, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

I was a late entry to the 15 Tasks of BTR fun day because the national park I wanted to go hiking in this long weekend was closed due to high fire danger. I had such a good time that it’s almost good that I couldn’t go camping.

The Brisbane Trail Running group celebrated its first birthday today. In just one year, the group has grown to about 200 runners; testament to the popularity of running and trail running in my city. To celebrate, we had an adventure fun run in Karawatha bushland. And what a fun running event it was.

We got a map, clues to find certain locations and instructions to complete certain tasks. There were a maximum of 200 points available with team costumes accounting for 72.5 of those points. I wonder what local walkers and mountain bikers thought about seeing men in polka dot dresses, nurses, toga-clad runners and people in other zany costumes running around in teams of 2-4.

The Secret Weapons

The Secret Weapons

Our team was The Secret Weapons. We decided Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a good secret weapon – not as slow as real turtles. I couldn’t find a mask at my local toy shop so bought green body paint instead: messy but effective.

Good things tutles can swim

Good things turtles can swim

We got 10 points each for finding coloured pipe cleaners at two locations (there weren’t enough for all the teams). We got 5 points a piece for taking photos of ourselves running down a steep hill, jumping with both feet off the ground, standing on a boulder and standing with our feet in the water at the quarry. We got 20 points for finding a fruit ninja. And finally 10 points for running 15km (though only two of our team ran 15km and the other two ran 13km but that was within the rules).

Hero in a half shell jump attack

Hero in a half shell jump attack

It was a blast! Definitely one of the most fun mornings running I’ve ever had.

Total: 13km trail running dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

10 comments on “The 15 Tasks of Brisbane Trail Runners

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I haven’t commented for a while but am still enjoying your upbeat outdoor posts. I can relate all to often to your ramblings.
    Where did you find out the national park was closed due to fire danger? A friend and I have planned an Adventure Run in Lamington on Friday and I am worried it could be cancelled if the park was closed due to fire danger.

    • Hi Scott … you can get it on the national park website. There’s a section at the top of each park’s page that says something like “current warnings or alerts”. I don’t think Lamington has one. Which run are you off to do?

  2. Thanks Andrew, that’s where I have been looking.
    The possibly over ambitious plan is to start at Binna Burra follow the Border Trail to Toolona Creek Circuit and do this anti-clock wise. Back onto the Border Trail to the Albert River Circuit and then off the trail network to try and get down into Black Canyon. This sounds like a challenging scramble. Then rock hop up the canyon to Thunder Falls and Lightning Falls.
    That destination is the major goal, every photo I have seen makes it look like an amazing place, just the names contour fantastic images.
    Depending on how things are going we could finish the Albert River Circuit or just head back to Bimna Burra via the Border Trail again. Possibly 55km in total.

  3. How absolutely delightful!!

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