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Was it a run or a walk?

Tight muscles by andrewgillsag
Tight muscles, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

I can’t quite decide whether to call this morning’s effort a very fast walk or a very slow run. You know those days when you want to get up and out there but your body just won’t play? Well, I had one of those this morning.

I was excited to hit the trails. I wanted to run. But my leg muscles were so tight it hurt. I tried stretching but even that hurt. It was like I was just one big knot from the hips down. No matter what I did I couldn’t relax my ITB, calves or shins. Perhaps I am worried about the assignment due next week that I’m struggling to write. Or maybe I am stressing about my credit card debt. I don’t know but I just couldn’t relax and go with the flow.

So I walked a bit and ran a bit. I stopped to take some photos. I sat in the bush and enjoyed my surrounds. I didn’t allow my morning to turn to a misery of “I should be training”. Instead, I accepted that I could just be grateful to have the ability to be out in the bush listening to the birds, even if I wasn’t training well.

And you know what? I still had a lovely time.

Total: 8km of run-a-bit walk-a-lot.

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