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My pride gets dented

We meet midway between our homes. It’s not quite light but no longer dark. The kookooburras sang their morning song a quarter hour ago as they sky’s colour changed from black to navy blue but before it lightened to pre-dawn grey. By the time we end our ride the sky will be a brilliant blue.

I let my sister take the lead. We always joke that I do it so she can break the spiders’ webs that criss cross the trails. But really I just like to let her chose our pace because that’s one thing I’ve never been good at.

We ride up Sock Puppet West before slipping around the corner to ride up the Doom Hippy switchbacks (that’s where today’s photo was taken). We drop down Fluffer with ease before joining the aptly named Filling Rattler fire trail.

This is where my pride got dented. I followed my sister down a hill and commented that we’d taken the wrong line. I tried to correct by crossing a wash out gutter to take the better line. The front wheel tried to turn down the gutter as I tried to keep crossing it.

Bike stops. “Uh oh.” Everything is now in slow motion. Shoulder drops to roll into impact. Don’t put hands down; wrists are fragile. Feet magically unclip. Hips and thighs on ground now. Bike there. Me here. Laughing. Pride dented but body and bike in one piece. “Hey look at me. Oi, Suwati, look at me. Hahaha.”

I dust myself off and we set off to the lower section of the bush to ride a new trail that is still little more than flattened grass. It connects us back to The Maze, which we ride up before returning to our respective homes.

Total: 20km MTB

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