Culture is life

I try to keep my blog related to outdoor travel and adventure. But I watched this video today on the same day I was accepted to study a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Education. And it seemed like a sign to try to help spread this message through all my social media networks.

Youth suicide among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people is a major issue. Every young person who dies is a star that can never shine. Every young person who doesn’t make it to adulthood is a person who’s individual brilliance can never mature. And every young person who dies leaves a family filled with grief.

As an adventurer who travels through the Australian bush, I am aware of the presence of the Elders past who watch over their country and I try to respect the wishes of the Elders present by not traveling over known sacred sites. I believe that all people have the right to freedom, cultural expression, dreams and a bright future.

Sure, youth suicide and Indigenous youth suicide are complex issues. But maybe if we see that it is a human issue we can make small changes to improve young peoples’ perceptions of the future. Maybe it’s by not making a racist joke. Maybe it’s by not crossing the road when we see young people walk towards us. Maybe it’s by sharing positive stories and experiences in our blogs. Because it’s little things done many times that determine whether we live in a bright or dark world.


3 comments on “Culture is life

  1. What a hauntingly sad video. . . shared on FB because I had to. Thank you for sharing, and for your respect of the elders and of cultures not your own.

    • Thank you for sharing the video Sandra. I also found it hauntingly sad. The more I open my mind and heart to the world, the more I realise that all cultures are our own because we are all connected and all have a stake in the world we want to live in. How can I demand to be respected and accepted as a transgender man if I don’t respect others’ cultures and beliefs. šŸ™‚

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