The perfect day

The Universe was trying to tell me something. And when I almost missed the message; it just tried harder to force me to open my mind. And boy am I glad the Universe worked so hard.

I was meant to spend Saturday bushwalking with my parents and Sunday afternoon mountain biking with my sister. When the national park was closed due to a bushfire, Mum and I changed our plans and booked some kayaks at Coochie for Saturday afternoon instead of going walking. It had been hot and sunny all week so this seemed like a great plan. The Universe had other plans. I woke Saturday morning to the sounds of thunder and heavy rain. I was excited when the storm ended but by 1pm the overcast skies and squally showers hadn’t burned off so we cancelled our paddle. I think you all can imagine my disappointment.

After leaving my parents place I walked next door to visit my brother-in-law. We hung out for a little while before going outside to kick the footy with his sons and daughter. It was simple pleasure. After my sister returned home I stayed for tea. Meanwhile, my son was visiting our home with his three oldest children to spend time with his mum. As I rode my motorbike home, I realised its been a long time since my family had time at home together. The afternoon with my brother-in-law showed me a lot.

So this morning I made breakfast for the three grandkids who slept over my house. My son and I spent the day working hard; me in the garden and him in the house. We had a big spring clean to surprise my partner. His kids helped me pull weeds, fertilise the fruit trees, plant a tree, mulch the gardens and pick mulberries. I didn’t let them help me mow the lawn or set up the drip line irrigation in the orchard. They also helped vacuum the house and sweep the veranda.

Then my son built me a fire pit with the bricks I bought today. And we enjoyed the spoils of our labours after my partner came home with a roast beef dinner cooked in a camp oven, ice cream with mulberries and marshmallows cooked in the fire.

I didn’t train all weekend. But today was a perfect day. Universe one. Andrew … lesson learned. I can still go adventuring, but I mustn’t neglect my family and home.

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