Flexibility is key

Sometimes Mother Nature likes to remind us that she’s the boss. And when she does, the outdoor athlete has two choices:

  1. complain
  2. adapt.

The weather has suddenly become hot and dry here in South-East Queensland. We’ve already had temperatures in excess of 30’C (86’F) and it’s only September. We’ve also had hot dry winds and there’s plenty of fuel laying on the ground after an extended wet season at the end of last summer. This has created perfect conditions for bushfires.

I was supposed to be taking my parents and uncle from Holland bushwalking at Mt Barney tomorrow. We were going to walk to the Lower Portals and explore the cool waters of Barney Creek. But I just checked the national parks website and saw that the park is closed due to a wildfire. So, instead, we have booked two kayaks from Coochie Boat Hire to go for a paddle tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the weather stays warm and the winds die down overnight.

In other disappointing news, the Cooloola Great Walk is also closed due to high fire danger. I am meant to be walking the trail next weekend because I have three days off work. However, if that doesn’t work out, I might head up to the Sunshine Coast Great Walk instead. It’s a officially 58km long but to make it a loop I’ll have to walk about 80km, which will be three big days but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

2 comments on “Flexibility is key

  1. Such wonderful choices you have! It is almost 8 hours to beautiful places and hikes from where I live. 😦

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