Riding the log bones

Riding the log bones by andrewgillsag
Riding the log bones, a photo by andrewgillsag on Flickr.

The log bridge on You’re Kidding trail is one of my favourite sections of my local trails. From the approach it almost looks like the spine of a big buried animal. Fortunately, it’s just cut up tree branches.

This section of track gets soggy in the wet season from January to March; hence the logs. Our local trail faeries have recently cut up a heap of logs in preparation for filling gaps this summer; they are piled up beside the track. Right now this section of track is dusty and dry, making for a fun and bouncy ride.

This morning my sister and I met half-way between our respective homes. I took her down Sock Puppet East and the new trail connecting You’re Kidding with Bird Cage. She’s not ridden these trails before so it was fun to play trail guide. It was a fun ride and I enjoyed having my sister for company on the bike again; our last ride together was a road ride back in August.

Total: 18.4km MTB

4 comments on “Riding the log bones

  1. Woe, that’s a funny name for a trail. . . and that has to be a bit brain jarring riding across them bones!

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