More route setting

It was beautiful outdoors this morning. A light fog hung low around the trees and birdsong rung out through the bush. It was no hardship to pull on my running shoes and hit the trails.

I wanted to do some more work on the Bayview Bash course. While I set some of the trek leg last week while out mountain biking, this morning I set part of the bike leg while running. And what a bike leg it is going to be. I only set part of it, but I think it’s going to be brilliant, with almost no cross-overs and no two-way traffic.

My run itself was slow. I kept stopping to find good places to hide checkpoints and to think about how to logically route the riders. But I still got a good sweat up.

Total: As with all sessions in which I set the Bayview Bash route, the distance is secret because that might give away clues.

8 comments on “More route setting

  1. I love this widget–we are similar in this:
    “Acknowledgement of country
    I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands through which I travel during my adventures, and pay my respects to Elders past and present.”

    • It’s proof that Reconciliation Australia and other organisations here in Australia are doing a great job with education of the public because I never used to think about these things before I got engaged by that organisation. But once I learned more, it made sense.

      • I actually teach American Indian history here. And environmental history. 🙂

        • Those would be really interesting topics. I’m studying a Bachelors degree in adult and vocational education with a minor in business. But at work I developed an eLearning course about Australia’s hidden histories and how it is still relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today (i.e. it isn’t ‘ancient history’ that people should just ‘get over’). The course then goes on to show participants (mostly public servants) the steps they can take to help create more inclusive service provision.

          I’m going to the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies’ 2014 National Conference in March. The keynote speaker is James Lance Taylor from the University of San Fransisco in the US. I’m quite excited about the conference because I will learn heaps.

          I want to do a Grad Cert in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education. I’m already eligible for the course because I have two undergraduate degrees. I am looking at options to do my business minor through summer school and then to do the Grad Cert during regular semester alongside my undergraduate education units. I’m not in a hurry to graduate but I am impatient to do more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. I believe everyone who graduates with an education degree should have completed units in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education but it’s not a component of our education degrees. But with the Grad Cert I know that I’ll learn a lot (personally, academically and professionally) and be well-placed in my industry.

        • Whoops – I might have sort of maybe submitted an application for a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Education. The course is only offered during summer semester so it will fit nicely with my undergraduate studies. It’s 4 subjects so will take 2-4 years of summer schools, same as my undergraduate degree. So excited.

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